' Praise The Lord God Almighty '

Getting your dental treatment done at Dr. Paul Memorial specialty Dental Clinic will be a wonderful experience which you will ever have, at the dentist. This is an extraordinary practice which takes into consideration your comfort, your concerns, and your individuality. We understand that you are very important to us and we want you to feel well cared for when you visit us. And along with your dental care, we want you to enjoy a good holiday what we call 'Dental Tourism' and visit and enjoy Gods own country Kerala and visit other beautiful places in India staying at star hotels enjoying rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapy all at very nominal cost, a fraction of what you will spend at home, Our office has been described as soothing, with beautiful landscaped garden view for the patients providing a calming experienced, with the advantages of high technology and outstanding service.

About the Doctor
Dr. Joseph Panikulam graduated from Mangalore University, and did his Post Graduation in the field of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from Kuvempu University 1994; He has lectured extensively in many of the branches of the IDA (Indian dental association) and well known for his grasp in the subject. He has also attended a wide array of seminars and CDE programmes to upgrade his Knowledge. As he believes that learning is a two way process which has to go on and on. And We thank God almighty who has given us the knowledge, the talent, the beautiful clinic and the wonderful patients he leads to our practice, who form our backbone and support.

Our goal is to provide the finest dental care, and to continue to upgrade our techniques and knowledge to achieve this end. Please go through the various services we offer, and we will be extremely happy to be at your service.


Infection Control

Infection control at our clinic consists of a meticulous four stage procedure for the instruments , used for each and every patient to prevent transmission of any communicable diseases such as Aids , Hepatitis etc.


Instrument Sterilization Protocol

Stage 1 Mechanical Cleaning
All instruments are scrubbed meticulously using cleansing brushes with RAPID (Multi Enzyme Cleaner) and washed under running water to remove any attached debris. The instruments are further disinfected, using GLUTAREX-14 solution in an ultrasonic bath for 10 min.

Stage 2 Drying & Packing

The instruments are dried using a hot air oven, packed and sealed in disposable pouches.


Stage 3 Autoclaving

The instruments are autoclaved in the autoclave (Steam under pressure)

for 45 mins.

Stage 4 Storage

The dental instruments in the sealed sterilized pouches

are stored in U.V CHAMBER to maintain the sterilization.