Clinical Procedures (if you require more information please scroll down)
  • R C T ( Root Canal Treatment)
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Tooth colored restorations front teeth
  • Tooth colored restorations back teeth
  • Treatment of Sensitive teeth
  • Diastema Closure
  • Veneers
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Scaling & Polishing
  • Periodontal Treatment
  • Tooth Jewellery

R C T (Root Canal Treatment)
In the past a badly infected tooth due to severe decay was doomed for extraction, nowadays, majority of these teeth can be salvaged by an Endodontist (Root canal treatment Specialist).
Root canal treatment may be indicated if you have the following symptoms
- Spontaneous pain or throbbing while biting.
- Severe sensitivity to hot or cold foods.
- Pain at night or in a laying down posture.
- Abscess or swelling in the adjacent gums.

Root canal treatment basically consists of removing the infected pulp tissues within the tooth, causing the pain, and filling the canal space with a biocompatible material called Gutta Percha, this is done after obtaining the correct root canal length using radiographs and shaping the canal space with special instruments, all this is done under local anesthesia and hence a painless procedure, usually done as a single visit or two visit procedure.
The root Canal Treated tooth is then restored, following which a crown is recommended to prevent tooth fracture because the tooth tends to become brittle due to loss of moisture. Additional reinforcement such as root canal posts may be required during restoration, depending on the extent of damage to the tooth due to decay or fracture of the tooth.
Sometimes when there has been long standing infection or abscess, there may be some soreness associated with the root canal visit. If this should turn out to be true, you will be given specific instructions to follow to minimize the discomfort. When an infection is present, it may be necessary to take an antibiotic. If pain should be present, analgesics may need to be prescribed.

Crowns as the name suggest covers the tooth and gives strength to it, usually done following RCT to prevent tooth fracture and also in case of teeth which is broken down, Tooth needs to be prepared or shaped to receive the crown , different types of crowns are available.
Metal fused ceramic
Metal free ceramic
The material of choice depends on the location, biting forces, aesthetic considerations, etc.

When a tooth is missing or has been extracted previously, it is possible today to have the option of replacing it with an artificial tooth (an implant) or constructing a bridge, a restoration that occupies the space of the lost tooth by taking the support of the adjacent two natural teeth. With the advancements in the cosmetics, and innovations in the materials available today, this is a more economical option compared to an implant procedure.

Tooth colored restoration front teeth
Cavities occurring in the side of the tooth, among the front teeth, chipped or ragged incisal edges , broken enamel tip in the front teeth, look unappealing and need to be fixed. These teeth can be fixed using tooth colored restorative materials, which produce natural life like restorations with excellent Aesthetics.

Tooth colored restorations back teeth
We offer tooth colored restoration to make your teeth look their best, If you have unsightly silver fillings that are broken down or worn, why not replace them with natural appearing highly durable, comfortable tooth colored restorations, also called Composites. They are gently bonded to the teeth using special adhesives. They come in many tooth colors to match your smile perfectly. They blend well with the surrounding tooth structure and hence the filling appears invisible, these fillings are also very durable and last for many years.

Treatment of Sensitive Teeth
Sensitivity of teeth is quite often seen in many people. Our teeth can be greatly affected by hot, cold, sweet, and sour food or drink. Over-enthusiastic brushing, recession of gums, gum disease (periodontitis) tooth wear etc can expose the soft, porous structure of the tooth (dentin), making it susceptible to external stimuli.
Pain can be mild and tingly or sharp and intense. If these symptoms are present it is advisable to get the treatment done at the earliest before it gets serious and requiring elaborate treatment, if treated early, it may require only the use of desensitizing paste and also may require modification in brushing habits.

Diastema Closure
A diastema is a space between the front teeth. Diastemas are closed by orthodontics correction or with restorative materials. In case the space is too large orthodontic correction is recommended. If the space between the teeth is not very large, closure usually requires bonding of composite on the sides of the two adjacent teeth. Placement of composite onto one tooth can be done if proper tooth dimensions allow it.

Veneers are thin layer applied on to the tooth surface to provide whiter more attractive teeth in case of broken and discolored tooth which is not possible to be corrected through standard tooth whitening procedures, Materials available for Veneering.
- Composite laminate veneering materials using layering technique.
- Ceramic veneers.

Scaling & Polishing
Though we take a great deal of pride in our restorative and cosmetic dentistry, It is very important to maintain a healthy Periodontal status, a thorough periodontal exam that will determine the health of your gums and bone. From this exam, you will be assigned an individual hygiene program that will be to either to maintain, or to get your periodontal health up to healthy standards. So that any restorative or cosmetic dentistry will last you as long as possible. To maintain a healthy Periodontal Status a routine Oral prophylaxis (Cleaning & polishing) may be warranted, and in case of any problems with the gums such as bleeding from the gums etc you will need to be treated by our specialist for gum diseases.

Periodontal Treatment
Periodontal treatment is basically treatment related to the Gums, Patients suffering from swollen Gums , bleeding from the gums, pus discharge , foul odour Food impaction into the gum spaces also called periodontal pockets, gum recession, etc can be treated by our consultant Periodontist.

Tooth Jewellery (Brighten up your Smile)

We find a quite few of our patients are now interested in tooth jewellery , to add a sparkle to their smiles. We offer (SKYCE), tooth jewellery made of crystal glass. It is available in two different colors and sizes: "crystal" and "sapphire blue". It is a simple procedure and does not require any tooth grinding etc, as these tooth jewels are directly bonded onto the tooth, it is possible to remove it any time the individual feels like getting it removed later.